How have you been ?
My pc wasn’t working propery in recent days, so I couldn’t get email from you.. sorry about that you sent me so long ago.

I’m relieved that you got to California. In Japan, we can see your concert in Japan TV. I was very moved by listening your music.
Its so nice that I feel vivid impression when you play and sing your song.

I was sorry that I couldn’t do nothing for you during you home stay.
I felt good that person who visit my home are you and John.
We DO like you, so you can visit here whenever you want.

PS: I sent you the pictures of summit. My mother wrote mail in Japanese, so please find the person who can understand Japanese to read mail from her.


追伸 サミットの時の写真と手紙をおくりました。私の母が日本語で手紙を書いたので日本語の分かる人に読んでもらってね。



feel good は、心地よい、気分がいい、という意味です。

couldn’t は過去形ですが、過去形ではなくて現在形でも使います。なんていうかやわらかいいい口を表現するときに使います。