This is Taro who live in Tokyo, Japan. I plan to visit and stay at Cotswolds from Aug.16th to 18th.

I just saw your web page and would like my children to ride on the horse, and I have some questions about horse riding.

1. Is horse riding training available for children ?

My daughters are 10 and 8 years old and it’s first time to
riding horse.
(They don’t have stranger anxiety, and English conversation skill is
as like only “say hello” level)

2. If you accept to train my daughters, could we rent stuff for
riding horse ? like dedicated shoes ?

3. Could we enjoy riding horse with 1 or 2 days lessons ?
(in the case of 2 days lesson is on Aug.17th and 18th,
in the case of 1 day lesson is 17th or 18th)

4. Please let me know the schedule and menu of lessons on 1 day ?

5. Could you please tell me the item or information which we have to fill in to you before visiting you ?

I look forward to have reply from you.

Thank you,