How have you been ? you fine ?

Your project is going well, right ? The builiding which I saw is already built ?

I have something to ask you about my job which is regarding black tea, of course about Sri Lanka.

How about you drink black tea so often in Singapore ? and what is popular tea in Singapore ? There are so many types, brands and category, so I would like to know the market in your country. I only know about afternoon tea custom in Singapore’s books.

I might visit Singapore as my work in near future, for learning method and something and then in Japan, sell the tea leaves, tell Japanese people how to make black tea and also tell how to make sweets which are goods with black tea.

Could I ask you about making reservation of my stay in Singapore when my schedule is confirmed ?

I planed to visit Singapore, but my schedule is moving unfortunately.
Could you visit Japan in next year ? You’re so busy but you please take care of yourself.

I’m so sorry about I couldn’t say good bye before going back to Japan in spite of you told me about her contact information. I have thought in my mind, but now I could send my aplogy at here. You’ve been working at Sri Lanka ?

Take care of yourself.

 プロジェクトは順調に進んでる?シンガポールで見せてくれたビルは 完成した?
 教えて欲しいことがあってね、今紅茶の関係の仕事(もちろんス リランカの茶葉だよ。笑)をしてるんだけど、シンガポールでは普段 紅茶ってよく飲む?
 前にシンガポールの本でアフタヌーンティがあるのは見たんだけ   ど・・・。
 茶葉を販売したり、紅茶教室を開催して、日本人に紅茶の入れ方 とかお菓子の作り方を教えるんだけどね。
 8月に行けそうだったんだけど、残念ながら延期になっちゃった んだ。
 早く会いたいな。。。仕事忙しいと思うけど、体に気をつけて  ね」