OK, This is sad I coudln’t meet you at this time, but I’m looking forward to see you next time.

You please take care of your health due to the cold and enjoy the trip to Hokkaido and you also please let me know your stories in Hakkaido and send pictures of there if you could, which makes me happy.

In Tokyo, I could get everything very easily but every day is like a storm, I mean busy, so I feel a day is very fast for me comparing to actual one..

And there are so many people here in Tokyo but you could see so many style cafe, stores and amusement parks are there, so this is fun.

Did you go sight seeing in Tokyo in last time you visit ? You went to Kyoyo ? and didn’t go to Tokyo DisneyLand due to the reason that you didn’t have enough time ?

New attraction stuff is up now, so why don’t you go to Disney Land with me ? I love Disney Land!

After I got back to Japan, I’m doing tea related work like tea coordinator, I tell how to pour tea with good manner and how to select tea brand and how to make sweets which good for teas, but it’s not every day work.

My teacher sometimes have schools in Singapore, and I might be there with my teacher.. and yes I wanna get there ASAP because I’m Singapore fan.. I would like to meet you then.

街中、人だらけだしね。笑 でも、オシャレなカフェやお店があったりアミューズメントパークもたくさんあるから楽しいよ。


私の先生が時々シンガポールでも教室を開いていて、もしかしたらいつかお手伝いに行くことになるかも。シンガポール大好きだからすぐにでも行きたいんだけどね。笑 そのときは会えるといいね。