Dear Korean orchestra bureau,

This is Yamada who lives in Japan and classic music fan.
I would like to ask something about CD which is recorded your orchestra and Mr.John.

I’m able to see on the web site anout he was in charge of music director from 2001 to 2007 and he recorded, Mahler Symphony No4 & Shostakovich Symphony No8 during these period.

I was resident conductor of AAA(AAA) at Sapporo, Japan, so I had heard his playing so many times at there, but unfortunately I couldn’t see any of his CD.

The other day, I saw your web site about saling his CD, so I want to know where I can buy his CD and price of it.

Could you please let me know his information regarding CD ?

I have Korean friend and he’s got back to Korea 4 times per year, so I can ask him to purchase it at Korea if I could buy his CD only in Korea.

Best Regards,

台湾の国家交響楽団 事務局へ問い合わせ

貴楽団とMr. Johnが、録音し出版したCDについて、お尋ねします。
Web-site では、Mr. John は、2001年~2007年の間、music director を務め、その間に、“Mahler Symphony No4 & Shostakovich Symphony No8“を録音し出版しています。彼は、札幌で開催されている国際教育音楽祭(AAA)のレジデントコンダクターで、私は何回も演奏寛を聴く機会がありました。