Letter of recommendation

This time, I would like to commend Hanako Yamada who tries to get working visa in Singapore.

Relation between Hanako Yamada nad I.

She was my followership before.

She had worked at company as a part time worker and leader for 4 years and did both work and school during she was student. She also did operation for all job of a store, and she has skill for training fresh recruit, and doing high level jobs as well as full time employee people.

She has knowledge for Japanese food which she learned at college, and made proposal new menu and many of them was adopted.

She was put in for jobs to contact and order to business connections companies and she had high credibility from companies and she is first man to be put in job to order to these companies.

Image of Hanako Yamada

She attends school for Japanese food on weekend and she gives out Japanese food which she made to colleague in company. She is brightness and has cooperativeness and high credibility from colleague which I heard from someone.

I commend her because she wants to work and engage to develop FOOD in Shingapole and this is her strong wish, so I write this mail.

The companies which our company deal with is also deal with company whom she want to work at Singapole, so I believe she is able to boost new company up with her knowledge in the future.

You please see her if you accept her.

Thanks for your understanding,


この度、シンガポールでの就労ビザ取得にあたりMs Hanako Yamadaを推薦したいと思い、筆を取りました。






 この度、Ms Hanako Yamada本人が、シンガポールでの就労と「食」の発展に従事していきたいという強い希望から、僭越ながら、私が推薦させて頂きました。