Dear very kind John,

I’m grateful that you replyed to me, I was at top of the lines, so you
are the person who passed through in front of me and I hope so and this
made the biggest impression for me.

As I saw AAA team’s uniform, I was blown away. About BGM, I
remember that I heard some music with narration from beginning of
BBB ceremony to the end of CCC ceremony.

I think it was High Roller of The DDD Method, all the song which was
used at the place was very suitable to performance(acting) and I was
blown away.

If you are OK, could you please let me know the song list which you used
at there ?

My English is not good for explain about what I want to say, but are you
able to understand with my strange English ?

Again, I’m so grateful about you replyed to me.

Warmest regards,

とても親切なMSgt Johnへ。私は貴方がお返事をくださったことに、
の方がとても印象に残っています。AAA teamの制服姿を拝見して、と
ceremonyから最後のCCC ceremonyまで、ナレーションと同時に、スピー
カーから音楽が流れていました。「The DDD Method」の「High Roller」等