Dear TOM-san,

I’m sorry for bothering you about the stuff.

To secure production schedule, We need maximum help from you and also from the product maker in Taiwan.

The goal of tomorrow’s meeting is just one.

I would like to confirm the following, which our design dept and procurement dept go to there, and check along with you if Taiwan product maker is able to secure case’s size/measure which we require for injection precast condition or correction equipment or not.

TOM さん

生産日程を守るには、あなた及び台湾メーカの最大な支援が必要です。明日の会議の目的は一つ、 我々の設計、調達が部品メーカへ行って、現地で一緒にインジェクション成型条件で、或いは矯正治具でわれわれがほしいケースの寸法を守る事が出来るかどうかを確認したい。