Today, I’m filled with the delightful feeling. The reason is that IOC chose Tokyo for hosting country. The Olympics game and Paralympics game are held in Tokyo in 2020 !
I’m thrilled.

It’s for the first time in 56 years since 1964.

Tokyo reaches out in the bidding race for their safe, secure and they are advanced city to keep opening the games without any trouble. Tokyo appealed taht they want to spread the magnificence and power which they learned from the big earthquake/catastrophe in Tohoku district, and then Tokyo has rallied back up from IOC execs.

The prime minister, Abe’s speech was very good and it was the deciding factor for 2020 Tokyo Olympic. Banzai! but my age, after 7 years would be 60 years old..which is not good..

I definitely go to the arena if I’m in good shape !