To Whom it May Concern,

I’m Hanako Yamada.

I was a member of AAA.
As a volunteer, I participated in activities for the improvement of position
and self-awareness of women in Morocco.
For example, our organization developed souvenirs of traditional artifacts
and let women make and sell them by themselves so that they could make some money.

Through that experience, I become to think that I want to study systematically what I’ve done.
I’m interested in the curriculum of “Women, Gender, Development” of BBB.
I would like to enter BBB but unfortunately I graduated from junior college.
Under normal circumstances, I have to study in college for 2 more years
in order to enroll in the graduate school.

I’ve sent this mail to confirm one thing.
Is there any possibility that, with my experience as a volunteer for 2 years and 10 months,
I can be quarified for the examination or I can enroll directly or under some conditions?

I’m not good at English because I was in French-speaking country.
I start to study English from now on and I want to enroll in BBB in 2009 if possible.

I’m looking forwad to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
Hanako Yamada


その経験の後、今まで自分がしてきた事を体系的に学びたいと考え、BBBの「Women, Gender, Development」のカリキュラムに興味を持ち、入学したいと考えるようになったのですが、私自身は短大卒であります。本来でしたらあと2年、大学院に入るために大学で勉強しなければならないのでしょうが、もし私の2年10ヶ月のボランティア経験を考慮していただき、まず、私に受験資格があるか、直接入学もしくは条件付で入学できる可能性があるか否か確認したく、今回メールさせていただきました。