I saw “47RONIN” at a movie theatre, which was so nice and I rediscovered
Japan itself. Yes, this is Japan, Japan is good!  
FYI, this movie’s origin is ”The Treasury of Loyal
Retainers(Chushingura, Japanese famous kabuki)”, so I saw “Harakiri” in
last scene which made me cry..

This moive was beyond my expectation and fun.
It is magnificent fantasy but I see nice combination between fantasy and
Japanese kabuki element and it’s also with Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada
and ”AkoRoshi, 47Ronin” which was all nice.

Fantasy AkoRoshi (47 Ronin) was fun.


『47RONIN』観ました\(^ー^)/もう、楽しい!日本再発見!そうかぁ~これが日本かぁ~日本最高! 因みに忠臣蔵が元ネタなので、ラストの切腹シーンでは図らずも泣いてしまった(ToT) 期待以上に面白かった。壮大なファンタジーの割に結構ちゃんと赤穂浪士。キヌアリーブス、真田広之とても素敵。ファンタジー赤穂浪士楽しかったよ