How are you doing ? you and your family are fine ?

I’m OK so far about inspection result and have good shape, and my family
is also fine.

I wrote this letter because I would like to tell you with honesty. This
is first time for me to write this kind of mail.

I’m able to tell you via phone, but with phone, I’m so happy and shamed
because I can hear your voice, and I feel beat fast, so I might not be
able to talk with you, is reason why I write down this mail.

So sorry if I bother you..

There were so many sad happening in a row, but I’m recovered from lost
of physical energy, mental strength, bodily weight and desire for sex
(shame) as well as when I’m in good shape for this several months. Yes!!

It’s enough for me about these experience for one time.

Something got me thinking about so many things for these 6 months.

About what do I need for me, what is important for me, what do I should
do, about how do I think for many things, about I relied on you too much,
and bad attitude to you..

So many thing which I have to change is that I have to learn lessons.
This change makes me good from now on, I think.

I plan to move to Tokyo on next month, I start my new life in Tokyo, but
new life is too tough for me for a while.

I try myself to be more independent and I’m glad that you would see my
life in the future.

Thank you,