Dear Dr.John,

At first, I’m very sorry for embarrassing you, I sent email to you without any acquaitance.

I introduce myself, My name is 名前 who is laboratory man studying with 名前 in .. university in Japan. I’m working as Pediatrician after graduation, this is 10th year of my Pediatrician life, 8 years are for clinical doctor, and 2 years are for basic medical.

I ask you something. Now I am with pediatric service, and have license
of medical specialist, and recently I just got license of Respiratory infection.

After that, I gradually think that I would like to study medical services in foreign country and study English.

So I looking for many place, documents, and at last I found your dissertation, so I write this email to you.

Honestly my English skill is not good, but I would like to visit you on next February or March to see your place, its ok for 1 or 2 weeks to stay. Is it ok to you or not ?

My final hope is to work with you for helping your research without any salary.

Please forgive me my rude behavior..


Dear Dr John

早速ですが、ご相談があります。現在、私は小児科医療に携わり、日本で専門医を取得し、先日、呼吸器感染(Respiratory infection)の分野で学位を取得しました。そこで、他国の医療と、語学を勉強したく探していたところ、先生の論文を拝見し、メールを書きました。正直語学は得意ではありませんが、来年、2~3月頃に、1-2週間で構わないので見学させていただけないでしょうか?最終的な希望は、無給で、1年程度研究をお手伝いできることが希望です。突然のぶしつけな依頼で申し訳ございません。