This is Japanese woman, Hanako who plans to visit Maldives by honeymoon on next April. So I have been finding good hotels for my honeymoon on the web sites, sight seeing magazine and more.

Finally, I found your hotel!! I have checked detail information on your web sites, then I realize that Mirihi, yor cottage on the water is BEST place for staying in whole Maldives! AND room from No.31 to No.36 are fantastic for staying which I realize..

I’M eager to stay at your cottage on the water with one room from No.31 to No.36.

Do you have any vacancy room on next April.18th for 5 days available ?
The room No.31 to No.36 cottage on the water IS FINE.

I have to find another hotel if you don’t have any vacancy of No.31 to No.36 cottage, but I DO WANT TO stay at your cottage..

Could you please let me know if the cottage No.31 to No.36 are all full, and could you please add me on the waiting list ?

And please let me know if it’s difficult to reserve 5 whole days, and then I can change plan to stay at your cottage as long as the room is vacancy..

Best Regards,