Sorry for my replay late!
My PC had been broken, so I sent my PC to factory to fix it, therefore, I’m late to reply to you, sorry about that.
I sent 1 email to you just before sending this, did you get it ?

BTW, when is your birthday ? and, how about high school of Italy ?
I think you are senior in high school, so you always busy, right?

I love Italian foods, I go to Italian restaurant whenever I go out for dinner or lunch. But I have never had real Italian food.. I envy you..

I stop to write then, I look forward to your reply.

Thank you,

遅くなって本当にごめんなさい!!!実は、私のパソコンがつい最近壊れちゃって、今まで修理してたんだ。だからメール送るのおそくなっちゃったの!待たせちゃってごめん(>o<; (一回メール送ったんだけど、届いた???)


高校生でこの文章というか内容はすごいですね。もうおじさんの私には信じられません。。。BTW は、By the way, ところで・・・です