Thanks for sending email to me, it’s nice to hear from you, and you look like you’re in good shape.

I work as clinical nurse at hospital every day. One day, I have injured my leg, and it will be cured almost 1 month. Clinical nurse has a lot of heavy physical work and need to stand a whole day, and its very hard..

The saddest thing for me is that I couldn’t go snowboarding if I plan to go on next month..

Elena, have you been to snowboarding ? I have been to snowboarding for 7 years, its very difficult to level up, but its nice for me to see the view of top of mountains and feeling the wind, so I’ve been to snowboarding.

Lets go snowboarding together if you do.

I try hard to study English and I would like to talk with you in English.

I will send email to you again.