Thanks for sending email to me.
There was no physical influence of earthquake at where I live.
Thanks for worrying about me. Every day, there are many earthquakes anywhere in Japan.

I haven’t worked since I fell sick last year. I worked at cake shop to sell products. Now I help my parent company. Next year I would like to find new job or restart to study ceramic art.

You will visit Japan, right? Tokyo is very interesting place but there are so many place, people with the hectic pace of in Tokyo.

The place where I live is 1 hour from Tokyo by train, but I won’t go Tokyo because I don’t like a people jam.

It is difficult but beautiful for living the place where nature and people exists together. I hope you are able to see the place where I mentioned when you will visit Japan.

I’m looking for your visiting to Japan, but my English is bad, so I do study hard to speak in English for the time when I meet you.