Thanks for mailing me. I and my parents have same thought which your husband’s recovery is No.1 priority. My behavior should depend on it. My father especially anxious about your husband from the same aspect, I mean husband. He asked me to send his message I hope your quick recovery
to you. I, my family hope your husband’s quick recovery.

I send my family member. There are 4 people in my family, my sister is married and be independent and she has 10 years old girl.

My parents has cheery and buoyant character, they love delight and humor, so it affects me, I like delight and body exercise. In my house there are so many delight voice and it goes around in, there is no quiet.

Now, I’m independent from my parents, and live with my cat. I had worked in cooking school as a instructor, so my favorite is making bread. Now I work in big home electronics company as a sales person.

I go to church to attend Mass on my holiday. I live the place where it takes about 1 hour by train from Tokyo and near from sea. My place is very near from KAMAKURA(this is famous with shrine from ancient), sight seeing place, so I often walk around there to see shrine, landscape and go bicycle ride along the coast, and play with my friends. Sometime, I have lunch with abbe and my friend, this is so fun.

Now I got response from the company who take care of my homestay, they said that I go to other family and stay their home and after your situation goes well(your husband recovers well) then I leave 1st place and go to your home to staying.

But I’m keen to meet you and your husband and your cute kids and would like to have close friendship between your family and I.

Cross my heart.