Topic: Research about productivity evaluation at Southeast asia littoral region.

I researched at littoral region of Thailand on last October. The proudct potential power which tropical zone has is very high, so it helps food of people who live in the place which doen’t have aquafarming method.

I think it should be goal that I check and write the chart of Oyster habitat environment. I think I need to do Remote sensing(RS) in addition to field investigation for understanding continuous environment change at very wide coastline area.

I think that I need to monitor 4 parameters which is required conditions for Oyster living.

1. The breeding area, active status of Mangrove forest
2. Brackish waters
3. temperature of sea
4. Distribution of Phytoplankton

Next year, I will concentrate data gathering in domestic and oversea, collecting data and analyzing, then publish data.

I will make system environment checking system with field investigation and RS in the future.

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私はタイ王国での沿岸部調査を10月に行ないました。熱帯環境が持つ潜在的生産力は高く、それゆえ養殖技術が発達していない漁村の十分な糧を提供しているように思えました。沿岸海域の環境評価を、Oysterの生息環境から表現することを今後の目標としたいと考えています。広域な海岸線を対象に連続的な環境変動を把握するためには、現地調査に加えて、Remote sensing(RS)手法を取り入れる必要があると考えています。RSデータからは、Oysterの生息に必要な条件となる以下の4つについてモニタリングを考えています。

(1)Mangrove forestの繁殖面積・活性状態
(2)Brackish waters