Main issue : Mailing with love and bona fides.


You see current situation, The meeting of you, guys are necessity, you remember ? And almost people have a problem on my mind which can’t be exposed to anyone, so the life is to grapple with difficulty.

Why don’t you think issue not conflict ? Your meeting has been to solve these like problem each other. The point is.. can’t be someone else.. Your meeting reminds you, the problem could be solved only set of you and your partner, right ? You are selected to be one. There are a lot of thing to be fun with you.


Getting child(pregnant) is not coming so easily.. if there would be conception at good timing but the percentage of pregnant is very low, and there are so many people not to pregnant.. Your girl friend’s health status isn’t good , I meant 100% healthy, and she is pregnant when percentage of pregnant is very low with making love is the gift from God.

This might be something message from God to you. You got child meant you got new life. There are so many people living so long whom the doctor said the rest of their life period is decided.
The body of human being is unknown and mystery, so believe the energy of life.


What do you do ? What do you want ? and What is the way to help you ?
I know you are so busy at work and there would be financial problem and so on, but eventually how do you(two) do is the point.
So I think your baby has some message from God. She wants to be your help, so you try to consult to her not to open the secret box, so this should be the help.


Romance is not the real world but is good for cultivating your sensibility. The marriage is patience and is real world, so you need partner to do it, and then take partner’s hand to go into the difficulty and go over it then you will get happiness.
You couldn’t see the future as long as you feel fear. You throw away the fear.

She is also afraid of something, from past experience, it would be same situation like past or she wouldn’t be broken with you, she got the truly honey, but you might hate her if she tries to talk you the truth.
If it is broken with it, this is not true love. Is it true love, you team her, and accept whole of her, and get along with each other ?


let it be.. ? going force is bad, lazy is also bad.
Why don’t you represent you with relax who don’t forget effort.
The destiny is on your hand, it depends on your operation. The driver of your life is yourself. You take your wheel and get your happiness.


Relationship ー 『今』をみつめましょう。2人の出会いは必然だったと思います。思い出してみて…それに、誰にでも悩みや言えない事はあります。その中で困難に立ち向かっていくのが人生です。

Health ー 子供(妊娠)というものはそう簡単に出来るものではありません。例え、タイミング良く排卵日に受精したとしても、事実妊娠する確率は本当に低いとされていますし、世の中には不妊で悩む女性もたくさんいます。彼女の健康状態が100%でないにも関わらず、そして確率が低い日のMake Loveで妊娠が認められたと言う事は、まさに天からの授かり物だと思います。きっと今の2人へのメッセージか何かなのでは?子供イコール新しい命です。また、健康面で余命を告げられた人でも、かなり長生きしている人はたくさんいます!人間の体とは、未知であり、神秘ですね。生命力を信じましょう。

Present ー あなたはどうしたい?何を望みますか?そして、どうしてあげたら助かりますか?今、仕事が忙しい事や、経済面や色々な事情があるのは分かりました。あとは、2人がどうしたいか?だと思います。

Future ー 恋愛は感性を磨く非現実的な世界です。結婚は忍耐であり、現実世界です。だからこそパートナーが要るのです。そして、手をつないで困難や試練に立ち向かい。乗り越えて幸せになる為のものです。

Life ー なるがままに… かな。無理もいけないし、怠けるのもいけませんね。しかし、リラックスしながらも努力を忘れず、なりたい自分を描いてみては?