The second purpose is that I would like to learn genuine English at real place. After I go abroad to study, I think I can communicate so many foreigners who visit Japan and thus I can experience so many and various stuff.

Learning plan during abroad study are preparation and review, and try to communicate the other students. This make my English and communication skill up.

The third purpose is that I would like to get sense of independence and
ability to take action. I think if I were at overseas, it would be needed to do something from myself, so I can get sense of independence and ability to take action, but if I were in Japan, I have so many colleague, so it’s difficult to get it.

The fourth purpose is to make overseas’ friends. I think people could make friends in whole life during going abroad, so I would like to make friends, and I will visit friends who live in their home country. And I try to keep introduce Japan to the other.

The fifth purpose is that I feel this is good chance and I feel benefit to going abroad study. The program of going abroad takes 4 month to be there. It might be problem for me with job hunting, if the program need over 4 months.

And the short abroad study like a 1 month is very short and not enough period to learn English. I went to briefing session of this program, then I felt institution is good , so I can spend good time to be there, overseas.

But there is problem with my English skill, the day to go abroad is on August, so I would like to up my English skill as far as possible. In particular, it would be needed, vocabulary level up and basic conversation skill up.

And in Aichi university, I try to get friendly as far as possible and have conversation in a positive way, and I will have test like TOEIC to check level difference after going abroad. Study during going abroad only is not good way, I will keep learn English after going back to Japan.