How have you been ? As for me, I’m fine.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t send email to you so long, I have been busy nowadays.. I work at “Sports Authority” store to sell running shoes, sports wears and so on.

You busy, John ? Doing yoga avoid you from getting cold..
Japanese cherry line came to on around Apr 1st, I took pictures to send you John. We smells sweet scent of Japanese cherry around my house, and I took the other picture where I love to.

Thanks for telling me about online space, but unfortunately I don’t have time to do something with computer, so I would check it later. I already have a MSN account so that I can share my music data with you.

I have music data but almost stuff is VINYL so that data source is analog what I’m worried about.

I had had over 1000 songs of MP3 data in my MAC and also had my own music data, and recording data with wave format which I recorded, but I need to have it repaired.. so all music data has gone..

So I have few digital data, but you can check and pick up my CDs when you visit Japan.

BTW, I heard that you’ll be Japan at 10:25 on May 24th in Japan time, as you know NRT(Narita airport) has 2 terminals, and I can check the terminal you arrive with your airline company. So could you please let me know airline company and flight No. ? (maybe Lufthansa LH714?)

In yokohama, it becomes warm, it’s 24 degrees Celsius. We can wear short-sleeved shirts during day time. I plan to go hiking with you John and my friend to mountain which hight is 1213 meters , it takes about 5 hours to whole trip (up and down), so you prepare shoes for hiking and thin jacket which can be OK with rain.

Best Regards,

しばらくメールしていませんでしたが、私は最近仕事が忙しいです。私は“SPORTS AUTHORITY”というお店でランニングシューズやスポーツウエアの販売をしています。



online spaceを教えてくれてありがとうございました。