Coastalzone is said as total stuff of sea area which is between coast lines, and space which intersect Hydrosphere, Geosphere and an Atmosphere and is made with ample, various biogeocenosis, that is what people know about.

Aquaculture is for using marine resources. Aquaculture requires some manage like as agriculture on the land, but environment condition which is for growing fish and the other marine creature, strongly depends on the environment around itself including land area.

Especially, sea weeds and shellfish which are grown commercially without any feed, with depending biogeocenosis and uses ecosystem-productivity, are thought as important barometer creatures when people estimate productivity.

This is not same between creatures habitat environment and space pattern which build its environment, hence all Coastalzone doesn’t have high productivity, and it is thought that Coastalzone which has high productivity os the space which own several ambient conditions.

So to evaluate productivity of Coastalzone, it requires approach with Landscape Ecology including ambient surrounding as well as Biological and Ecological approach which means to approach inhabitation condition of target creatures.

It is known that there are species which is cause of infectious disease that comes from fungal stuff or virus under water. It moves to be with fish or shellfish to other area and disperse communicable disease.

As above, Coastalzone is not only providing useful resource environment for human beings but provides risks, so we have to add productivity evaluation of risk to think about how to use useful resources.

Especially in Southeast Asian countries which are advanced with concentration of population and industrial development at seaboard cities, its problems that productivity rate is decreasing.

So we have to evaluate productivity of seaboard areas for discussing useful management method of Coastalzone with approaching from multiple point of view with ecology, epidemiology and infomatics.



このため、Coastalzoneのproductivityを評価するためには、対象生物の生息条件といったBiological and Ecologicalなアプローチだけでなく、周辺環境を含む空間関係についてのLandscape Ecologyによるアプローチも必要となるだろう。

水中に存在する菌やウイルスの中には、infectious diseaseの原因となる種が知られている。これらの菌類は、魚介類に付着した状態で他の地域へと移動し、感染症の伝播する。