How have you been ?

Now I could send email to you because I got back to college, but once I get back to dormitory, I don’t have internet line, so I couldn’t send email..

Now I read your email, thanks for sending nice pictures!! I felt nostalgic with your pictures. You looks fine, and have good days B^)

I feel happy with what I can see you look fine in Canada. Now I just finished 2 weeks training. Every day is fight with myself, so I distress myself and cry with so many stuff, but I hang in there with my college friends call me, it turns to my power.

I have to think about my patients at first, but I feel my limit with taking care of so many patients in a day.. If the patients were my parents, I could hang in there more and more, but I couldn’t do in the face of I know it, so I hang up about myself..

Please forgive me if I couldn’t reply email in a while..
I want to talk with you so much.

I will send pictures of me which I took with my college friends on this summer.